Vasundhara Tolia

Vasu is a contemporary painter who is constantly evolving her style. She lives in Bloomfield Hills, MI. Originally from India, she migrated to US for furthering medical career. She was a very successful academician, mentor, clinician and researcher. After retirement, she learnt drawing and painting at local art center to pour her zeal for nature,Continue reading “Vasundhara Tolia”

Adriana Rondón-Rivero

Adriana Rondón-Rivero. Caraqueña based in Los Angeles, California. Visual Artist, Journalist and certified Yoga Teacher and Trauma Yoga Informed.                        I use my body, movement, sound, my voice, poetry, photography and video to create artistic experiences, ranging from video-art, performance art, art installations to participatory art pieces.            Intercepted by my condition as an immigrant woman ofContinue reading “Adriana Rondón-Rivero”

María Escalona

María Escalona is an artist in-between cultures, nationalities, and places. Born in Caracas, Venezuela, she immigrated to Canada at 19 to study arts. Her work reacts, questions, and responds to the social tissue we live in, and is deeply rooted in her Venezuelan origins and inspired from her Canadian present. Her artistic practice explores theContinue reading “María Escalona”

Musah Swallah

Musah Swallah is a visual artist born and raised in Accra, Ghana. For Musah, art is a tool for self-expression, creating awareness, and transforming society. His paintings, sculptures, and mixed media works render stories that reflect African identity, cultural values, and daily life. Currently, he paints on repurposed wooden panels, plywood, paper and canvases toContinue reading “Musah Swallah”

Charles Philippe Jean Pierre

My practice recognizes the erasure of our complex histories and challenges the narrative that we are perpetual outsiders. My work attempts to create the informed cultural context needed to make sense of the American connection to the Caribbean, and vice versa. Jean-Pierre is a U.S. State Department Art in Embassies Artist. His work is inContinue reading “Charles Philippe Jean Pierre”

Conflicted: Voices of Central American Migrants

by Wendy Buendia Art is meant to provoke emotion, it is the ultimate goal of discovery in oneself and the world. Reading is a less formally categorized artistic medium, but brings the same influence that more “traditional” artistic mediums have on sculpting minds and hearts. The cultivation of one’s perspective can only be achieved throughContinue reading “Conflicted: Voices of Central American Migrants”